Santa After Christmas

This is Santa, snoring and asleep in his bed,after giving all those presents in just one night. The reindeer are doing the same thing right now, too. The elves, were having a party, because they didn’t have to give the presents at night. The kids are also partying like the elves, maybe even eating ham or turkey for dinner and playing with the toys they got. Shhh, don’t wake him up, who knows if you are gonna end up on the naughty list next year!

Who is Naught and Nice

This is Santa Claus reading the naughty and nice list. He is reading it out loud to some of the elves a few days ago when he realized that the number of bad and good children was changing every day, so the elves had to make a final decision on who’s getting coal and who’s getting toys. He now is getting the last call of nice and naughty children so that the gifts can get ready to go and so boys and girls don’t get disappointed when there’s nothing under the tree. Continue reading “Who is Naught and Nice”